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Birth Date: May 12 1966
Birth Place: N/A

Stephen Baldwin is presently nurturing an impressive body of work and becoming one of the most sought after male talents in the industry today. Not being exempt from the Baldwin gene pool...Stephen, the youngest of four brothers, all actors, and two sisters, enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in his late teens, subsequently bench marking the start of his acting career. Stephen's first off-broadway theatre role was in Out In America, co-starring Darryl Hannah. His early television credits include American Playhouse's The Prodigious Hickey and the ABC TV movie Jury Duty with Heather Locklear. With an array of guest starring roles in place, Stephen later went on to star in the Emmy Award and Western Heritage Award-winning series, Young Riders portraying the legendary William "Buffalo Bill" Cody as a young man. Stephen's projects of recent include, Fled, an action comedy placing him opposite Laurence Fishburne, which opened nationally on June 19, 1996 and Crime Time, filmed entirely on location in England and set for an early '97 release. Films with starring roles include, double Academy Award-winning The Usual Suspects, Under the Hula Moon and Bio Dome. His early credits include Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July. In between film projects, Stephen devotes a great deal of his spare time to philanthropic endevors. He has created, organized and hosted a celebrity pool tournamnent, Pool Aid, in its fifth year, at the Hollywood Athletic Club. The event has raised thousands of dollars to benefit AIDS Project Los Angeles, a non-profit community based organization that offers over 30 free life-sustaining programs to Los Angeles County residents living with AIDS/HIV. In his spare time, Stephen reads and writes poetry and indulges his passion for music, enjoying everything from alternative to opera. He loves auto racing, super bike motorcycle racing (he is an honorary Team Suzuki member), sky diving, bungee cord jumping, billiards and spending time with his wife and two children.
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