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Susan Strasberg was born in New York City on May 22, 1938. From the time of her birth, she was destined to be an actress. Her father was Lee Strasberg, acting coach at the famed Actor's Theater in New York. In 1953, Susan made her acting debut in an episode of the "Goodyear Television Playhouse" when she was just 15 years old. However, her true stage debut was on Broadway in the title role of "Diary of Anne Frank" in 1955. From that time on, Susan would devote part of her time to the stage and part time to the screen. Her first movie role was a fourth billing slot in 1955's PICNIC. That spot wasn't bad considering she was still relatively new to the screen and her co-stars were William Holden, Kim Novak, Rosalind Russell, Cliff Robertson, and Arthur O'Connell. Not bad for starters. After THE COBWEB, later that same year, she went back to perform on the stage. It just wasn't the screen she starred with big names. In 1957, Susan starred with Helen Hayes and Richard Burton in "Time Remembered". In 1958, Susan returned to the big screen again in STAGE STRUCK. Although her billing wasn't anywhere near what it was with PICNIC, the picture turned in good reviews. For the remainder of her acting career, Susan alternated between the stage, silver screen, and television. Where there was an acting role, Susan was there to appear in it. Part of the time was spent in Europe, particularly Italy, making motion pictures for the rabid fans there. During the course of her tenure, she appeared in three documentaries about her old friend, Marilyn Monroe. The first two were in 1987, entitled MARILYN MONROE: BEYOND THE LEGEND and REMEMBERING MARILYN. The third was MARILYN MONROE: LIFE AFTER DEATH (1994). On January 21, 1999, Susan lost her struggle with breast cancer in New York City. She was a youthful 60 years old.
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