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Birth Date: January 5 1962
Birth Place: N/A

An exception to the rule that Models don't become good actresses, Amis has impressed critics in a variety of roles, mostly in unsuccessful movies. After modeling in Europe for several years, she returned to the U.S. and won the role of Michael Caine's nubile daughter in the sex comedy Blame It On Rio (1984), but bowed out when she learned topless scenes were involved. (The part later went to Demi Moore.) She debuted in Fandango (1985) instead, and made a strong impression in the play "Fresh Horses" before doing The Big Town (1987), Rocket Gibraltar (1988), Twister (1988) and Where The Heart Is (1990). After some time off, she returned to the screen with strong roles in 1993's Watch It and Rich in Love and gave an excellent lead performance-her first-in The Ballad of Little Jo (also 1993), as a 19th-century Woman who moved to the West and lived on the frontier disguised as a man. Her real-life husband, Sam Robards, played a society photographer who seduces her.
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