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Tiffani started her career out as a teen model, and after she won the Junior Miss America pageant, she made the next logical step and started auditioning for acting gigs. Her first job, on the hit series Saved by the Bell, shot her to instant fame and glory, although it certainly typecast her in the role of the sweet, innocent, squeaky-clean babe-next-door. Of course, Tiffani was eager to shed that image once she ended the gig, so she posed nude a few times in various magazines, and took on a role in the hit series Beverly Hills, 90210 as a conniving bitch. Needless to say, the move worked, although she has pretty much stuck to television gigs like Two Guys and a Girl and made-for-TV movies like She Fought Alone, Sweet Dreams, and Buried Secrets, which just-so-happens to feature the closest thing she has ever done to a Skin Scene; a nice little bathtub shot where her nipples are pretty visible under a matting of bubbly-goodness. She has since gone on to appear in a rather steamy role in the 2000 hit The Ladies Man, but her lingerie shots in that one just didnít add up to her earlier effort.
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