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Birth Date: August 21 1975
Birth Place: N/A

Native Texan, Tiffany Bolton, studied at a small college outside of Houston where she was awarded a scholarship in art. After the first year,the exotic beauty was given the opportunity to model abroad. Tiffany jumped at the chance to see the world beyond her small town upbringing and quickly learned that travel was meant to be her education. A natural performer as a child, it was not until landing a commercial in Milan, Italy by pretending to speak Italian, that Tiffany realized her passion for acting. After a few years of globetrotting, she decided to move to Hollywood and was quickly signed by a top agent who overheard her entertaining a manicurist in a salon. Tiffany began working in television on the FX men's talk show, "The X Show" and she co-hosted on NBC's outrageous candid camera show, Spy TV and Comedy Central's Beat the Geeks. She is broadening her horizons toward film and is currently the lead in the sci-fi film "Galaxy Hunter".
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