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Birth Date: March 1 1956
Birth Place: N/A

Tim Daly was raised on a farm in Suffern, NY, and when his parents divorced in the '60s, Daly was drawn into the world of artists and musicians introduced by his three older sisters. Attending boarding school didn't make him conventional, so after trying college for a few weeks, Daly dropped out and for two years drove back and forth across the country. By 1976, Daly decided he wanted to act. His sister is Tyne Daly, of Cagney and Lacey. Daly completed his acting studies at Bennington College within three years, acting constantly in theater productions. After graduation, he started supporting himself by remodeling loft spaces, and then touring with the Rhode Island Trinity Square Repertory Company. Daly's break onto the big screen came when he starred in Diner (1982) and several movies and telefilms, such as I'll Take Manhattan during the following decade. An interesting point in Daly's career was when he starred as David Koresh in NBC's In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco (1993). The movie had already started production when the cult compound was engulfed in fire. "Consider this. I went to work that Monday morning portraying a living person. I took a lunch break, and I went to work that afternoon playing a dead man." -People Magazine, 1993. s starring role as Joe Hackett on Wings (1990-1997.
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