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Birth Date: September 6 1974
Birth Place: N/A

Tim Henman was born on the 6th September, 1974 in Oxford, England. He first began to play tennis at the age of 3 and by 5 he had already decided that he wanted to make tennis his career. This decision was not out of place in The Henman family. His father, Tony Henman, played tennis. Both his grandfather and great-grandmother had played at Wimbledon. He attended Reeds public school in Cobham, and was coached at the nearby David Lloyd Centre by Tony Lloyd and Onny Parun. Between the ages of 10-17 he was a member of the David Lloyd Slater Squad, an initiative designed to improve the coaching of young Britsh tennis players. While still at school, he was diagnosed with the bone disease Osteochondritis Dissecans, a condition that resulted in a 9 month break from tennis. After becoming National Junior Champion in both singles and doubles in 1992, Tim Henman joined the Tour in 1993. Over the next few years he rose steadily through the rankings, breaking into the Top 200 in 1994, the Top 100 in 1995 and the Top 30 in 1996. 1996 was his breakthrough year, with Tim becoming British No 1. He reached the quarter-finals of Wimbledon and the semi-finals of 6 ATP tournaments. Tim ended the year winning the 'Most Improved Player' at ATP Tour Awards.
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