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Timothy Bottoms

Birth Date: August 30 1951
Birth Place: N/A

The oldest and arguably most talented of the three acting Bottoms brothers (Joseph and Sam are the others), Timothy got off to an impressive start in films in 1971, debuting as a teen who has an affair with a considerably older woman in The Last Picture Show and following up that performance with a thoughtful, heart-rending turn as a mangled WW1 vet in the overwrought Johnny Got His Gun This winning streak continued with insightful roles in the acclaimed productions The Paper Chase (1973, as a first-year law student) and The White Dawn (1974), but subsequent appearances in mostly action or genre fare have not made good use of his talents. Other films include The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder (1974), Rollercoaster (1977), In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro (1986), Invaders from Mars (1986), The Drifter (1988), Return to the River Kwai (1989), and Texasville (1990), in which he reprised his role from The Last Picture Show He also executive produced a documentary about the making of both films, Picture This: The Times of Peter Bogdanovich in which he confessed his intense infatuation with costar Cybill Shepherd!
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