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Birth Date: February 18 1957
Birth Place: N/A

V-NN- , "I'd like to buy an 'A'." Vanna Marie Rosich was born February 18, 1957 in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and grew up there. She once quipped: "As a child, when I was having that alphabet soup, I never thought that it would pay off (laughs)." Vanna grew up listening to Elvis; "Blue Suede Shoes" is her favorite Elvis song. Although Vanna is svelte, she confesses to a love of junk food, such as White Castle hamburgers (sliders!). Whereas Vanna doesn't speak much on "Wheel of Fortune" she wrote a book in 1987 in which "Vanna Speaks" where I got most of this information. Vanna did not come from a rich family, her Momma lived in a house with no running water. Vanna's Momma was adopted shortly after she was born; she only met her biological father once, when she was 21: She confronted him, his first words were "I don't have a daughter," that was the first and last time she ever saw him. Since Vanna's parents divorced when she was one year old, Vanna didn't meet her biological father until she was 14. Although Vanna was very beautiful, her first modeling job was as a "hand model" (holding a pop can, or displaying a ring, etc.), it paid well, $150 an hour, and up to $1,000 a day. Vanna applied at the Nina Blanchard Agency, and interviewed with Nina herself; even though Nina was impressed with her portfolio, she turned Vanna down flat when she found out she was only 5'6" (Nina hires no one under 5'7"). When Vanna was 18, she fell in love with a 33-year-old divorced man: Gordy Watson. They had an intense relationship that lasted over 4 years, 1975-1979. However, Gordy liked to spend his time with other women, and broke Vanna's heart too many times. In 1981, Vanna appeared in 3 movies in rapid succession: as a model in "Looker" in which she had no lines; and as a high school cheerleader in both "Graduation Day" and "Midnight Offerings." Vanna was 24, and again she fell in love with a 33-year-old divorced man: John Gibson, he was a Chippendale dancer. (He had 2 finches named "Chip" and "Dale" -- unfortunately, Vanna's cats Rhett Butler and Ashley had them for dinner one night.) Vanna and John were deeply in love for 5 years, until he died in a tragic plane accident (in 1986). In 1982, Vanna became world-famous as the letter-turner on "Wheel of Fortune." This wildly-popular show would have both a daytime and a nighttime version, with a US audience of over 40 million, and over 100 million viewers worldwide. On "Wheel of Fortune" her wardrobe mistress was Florence Calce, who was a costume maker for Dean Martin. Vanna says "you can never have too many accessories"; (as a guy I didn't know what this meant, but she explains accessories are: belts, shoes, purses, jewelry and hats). For "Wheel" they will tape 5 shows in one day, usually from 3-8 p.m. After the book was published, Vanna married George Santopietro. Vanna starred in a movie as the "Goddess of Love" (1988). In 1993, on "Married... with Children," Vanna starred in the episode "The Proposition," a hilarious take-off of the movie "Indecent Proposal." And, of course, Vanna is still spinning letters "Wheel of Fortune." She has a sense of humor about her enormous fame: On a talk show Vanna once quipped, "I chipped a nail on a large letter -- I think it was a 'W'." And, like millions of her fans, I'm proud to say: "I'm a fanna Vanna!"
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