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Birth Date: September 30 1950
Birth Place: N/A

Comely, glamorous blonde British actress Victoria Tennant has a compelling "English Rose" essence about her. She possesses charm and intelligence in all her pictures, and certainly has shown the requisite pedigree to make it in the world of entertainment. Born in London, she is the daughter of high-profile talent agent Cecil Tennant (her godfather was Laurence Olivier. Her mother was noted prima ballerina Irina Baronova, a Russian émigré. Victoria studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London and entered films with a co-starring role in the "kitchen sink" drama The Ragman's Daughter. It wasn't until she arrived in Hollywood a decade later that she started to make more noticeable strides. She married writer/director Matthew Chapman in 1978, appearing in his quirky little movie _Stranger's Kiss (1983)_ in which she played a 50s "B" actress. That same year she won critical applause and a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Robert Mitchum's vis-a-vis Pamela Tudsbury in the epic TV miniseries The Winds of War, repeating the role the sequel War and Remembrance. Along with this major career momentum, however, came personal problems, divorcing Chapman after only four years. She met and eventually wed comedian Steve Martin, whom she met while on the set of the physical comedy All of Me. Thrust firmly in the limelight now with this highly visible partnership, Victoria forged ahead into the Hollywood maelstrom exuding class, sophistication and occasionally even nudity in such modest film thrillers as The Holcroft Covenant starring Michael Caine, Best Seller with James Woods, Whispers with Chris Sarandon, and Flowers in the Attic as Louise Fletcher's tormented daughter. She reunited with husband Martin on film with the terrific L.A. Story, but was somewhat overshadowed by the on-camera sparkle created by Martin and the wonderfully fizzy Sarah Jessica Parker. The Martins' marriage fell apart shortly after this and so did the wind in Victoria's career sails. Minor roles in Edie & Pen, in which she made her debut as a writer/co-producer, and Legend of the Mummy, did nothing to rekindle interest. Seldom seen these days, she appeared briefly in actor/producer (and fourth husband) Kirk Stambler's TV movie Sister Mary Explains It All.
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