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Birth Date: March 3 1973
Birth Place: N/A

Victoria Zdrok was born in Kiev, Ukraine on 3/3/73. At the age of 16, Victoria moved to the United States to study. At that time she was the first Ukrainian student officially permitted to study in the United States, and received a lot of attention from the media, as the messenger of peace and international cooperation. By the age of 18, Victoria had graduated from West Chester University summa cum laude (3.96) with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Soon thereafter, she was accepted to a highly competitive dual J.D./Ph.D. program in law and psychology. Within the next following months, Victoria found herself in Playboy magazine as Miss October 1994. Since then she has appeared in numerous foreign issues of Playboy Magazine, crowned as Philadelphia's "Best Beauty", gracing the covers of and being profiled inside "Philadelphia" magazine's August 1994 and May 1995 issues, featured numerous times on "Entertainment Tonight", "Extra!", "American Journal", "Hard Copy", "Inside Edition", "The Howard Stern Show", "AM Philadelphia", "Last Call" and other TV shows. Today Victoria resides in New York and keeps busy with her modeling career as well as working as an attorney and studying for her doctoral dissertation in clinical psychology. With all that spare time she amazingly manages to maintain and run a really great person to all of her fans
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