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Birth Date: March 28 1970
Birth Place: N/A

Vincent Anthony Vaughn was born on March 28, 1970, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and raised in Lake Forest, Illinois, USA. His parents were Vernon Vaughn, a salesman, and Sharon Vaughn, a real-estate agent and stockbroker. Vince was interested in theater early on and grabbed a spot in a Chevy commercial. Figuring he was set, he packed his bags and headed for Hollywood only to become a struggling actor losing role after role. He managed to hit a few spots on television, but his real goal was to make it to the big screen. He made his first credited role in the film Rudy where he met his friend Jon Favreau, who was writing a script detailing his life as an out-of-work actor. Vince was written into Swingers by Jon to play the character of Trent. Vince signed on just as a favor to his buddy, not realizing it would be a career changing role. Though not a commercial success, it was a critical success in which Steven Spielberg saw him and cast him in the big budget sequel The Lost World: Jurassic Park. This role would give Vince the exposure he needed to become a movie star and, for the first time, choose the roles he wanted to take. A Cool, Dry Place put him as a loving father, Return to Paradise cast him as a man having to make a life or death decision to save a friend, and Clay Pigeons cast him as an interesting serial killer. He even was cast as Norman Bates for the shot-for-shot remake of Psycho. In 2000, he starred in The Cell opposite Jennifer Lopez.
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