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Born to Russian Jewish immigrants, he was often cast as a would be con man. His father, a peddler from Kiev, left home when he was 3 years old. He lived with his older brother, Henry, and their mother, a garment worker, on the Lower East Side of New York. During World War II, he served in the Army Air Corps and returned home a sergeant with six battle stars. In 1948, his first Broadway role was when he was hired as an understudy for the role of an 83 year old English bishop in Anne of the Thousand Days starring 'Rex Harrison' (qv). His fame came with _Fortune Cookie, The (1966)_ (qv) and _Odd Couple, The (1968)_ (qv). While making the former, he suffered a serious heart attack. This was due to heavy smoking and chronic gambling. In 1976, he had heart bypass surgery. In 1993, he was hospitalized for double pneumonia. In 1995, he had a benign colon tumor removed. In 1999, he was hospitalized again for pneumonia. His ill health was due to his eating habits. He had two children to Grace Johnson, David and Jenny.
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