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L-Word, The: Season 2: E4 Lynch Pin

Release Year: 2005
Director: N/A

Jenny and Shane search for a new roommate while Kit becomes attracted to a motivational self-help guru and Bette loses a major source of arts funding - to Tina.Camryn Manheim and Charles S. Dutton guest star on a strong episode that introduces two new characters. Manheim is deliciously over-the-top as a tough-talking producer who offers Shane a job as her assistant. Dutton is equally compelling as an inspirational speaker who bonds with Kit. Eric Lively joins the cast as Mark, Shane and Jenny's voyeuristic new roomie; and Rachel Shelley begins to play Helena, the daughter of philanthropist Peggy Peabody. In the meantime, Bette has a one-night-stand; and Tina's lawyer hits on her.
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